Natalie was the star of the YOGAthletica Teacher Training Intensive.  Think you can handle 14 hour consecutive 12-hour days?  This 12-year-old phenom did.  And she handled it like a pro.  Every day in every way, Natalie slayed!  Smart as a whip, cute as a button, strong as a Natalie.  I am in awe of this child and the amazing places she will go!

Shana Meyerson

Armenia’s unbreakable spirit lives on in our youth.  Pushing through many rejections, Natalie Asatryan became the youngest female certified yoga instructor in America at the age off 12.  The future is bright for young Armenians, especially those who dare to dream.

AGBU Global

Natalie is such a hard worker.  I am so glad she is my friend and now my yoga teacher.

Jade W

I think it is amazing that Natalie at 12 can teach a yoga class and command a room and it is even better that she is able to do all this and make a difference.  Her donation based classes help the Red Cross, the Unstoppable Foundation and other organizations. It is really, really inspiring. It shows that no matter how old you are there is something you can do.  Her passion is contagious.

Dippy Chhina

It’s amazing how she is always thinking about people in need and is using yoga to help so many people.

Lili K

This 12 year old is changing the conversation that 12 year olds are having.  She is empowering children her age to have a different conversation.  She is empowering her peers to know that they too can make a difference.

Stella Balasanian

She makes us laugh and her classes are always a joyful experience.

Prudence Stein-Greene

It was so cool to see someone so young teaching yoga and being in charge of a class that included adults.  It was really cool watching her do that.

Katherine K

I was really surprised at how spiritual a 12-year-old can make a class like that be. The maturity is just incredible.  Her humor and lightheartedness made it even more fun than a normal yoga class.

Karin Krikorian

“Natalie is a bright visionary that truly gives us hope for our future generations of young conscious beings. Mindful, young adults like Natalie can make our future a more peaceful paradigm! It was truly a treasured moment in time filming with Natalie.”

Shay MotionVisionary Organics, Documentary Filmmaker